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Prairie Crossing Subdivision

In 1996 a Grayslake Illinois subdivision labeled a “conservation community” called Prairie Crossing, was being built.  A number of new Prairie Crossing residents got together to explore ways they could contribute to the idea of restoring and preserving natural habitats, reminiscent of the natural surroundings  that once existed in this northern Illinois region prior to the arrival of settlers in the early and middle 1800’s.

Some of the residents had heard of Wild Ones national, and after exploring the organization and its mission, decided to form a new chapter. The group chose a name that would reflect the chapters location at the juncture of two historical ecosystems–one determined by Lake Michigan and the Des Plaines River to the east, the other by the prairies to the west and so the Lake-to-Prairie Chapter of Wild Ones came to be.

Over twenty-five years later, the Lake-to-Prairie Wild Ones are running strong. The chapter brings enthusiastic leadership, interesting and informative programs, great communication, and the Wild Ones mission to preserve biodiversity through environmentally sound landscaping practices to the public.


Keynote speaker- Todd Osmundson- Growing Living Soil with Native Landscaping Conference -College of Lake County
Growing Living Soil with Native Landscaping Conference  College of Lake County- Grayslake, IL

So Why Become a Wild Ones Member?

Your membership will enable the development of programs, field trips, and workshops by the Lake-to-Prairie chapter, while supporting the continuing growth of the Wild Ones national movement (77 chapters in the U.S. and growing).

Illinois State Beach Park -North Unit Field Trip 8/22/15 Guide: Don Wilson
Illinois Beach State Park -Camp Logan Field Trip   Guide: Don Wilson



Join local native plant enthusiasts, from beginners to experts, to share support and expertise.
Learn about landscaping with native plants, their benefits, and where to find resources on native plants.
Help make a difference by promoting a healthier, more diverse environment, and by using plants that  nourish and support native wildlife.

Chapter members at World Environment Day Botanic Gardens 6/4/16
Chapter members at World Environment Day – Chicago Botanic Gardens


Your $40.00 tax-deductible membership includes the Wild Ones Journal, a bi-monthly publication that offers a wide variety of information finely tuned to appeal to the interest of the native plant enthusiast.

Half Day Forest Preserve Walk – Guide: Dr. Randy McCool