The Dark Sky

Artificial light at night has revolutionized the way we live and work outdoors, but it has come at a price. Light pollution is increasing worldwide at twice the rate of the global population growth, with eight out of ten people living under a light-polluted night sky. At least three billion dollars is wasted on artificial lighting each year in the U.S., and virtually every species studied has been harmed by light pollution.

Our presenter Adam Kreuzer, will discuss the consequences of outdoor light pollution and what we can do to preserve our natural night skies. This program will focus on how light pollution adversely affects migrating birds, our other wildlife friends and our personal health. Please join us for this exciting presentation!


About Our Speaker

Adam Kreuzer, is a delegate for DarkSky International and a founder of its Chicago Chapter, DarkSky Chicago @ Before volunteering as a delegate, he was the Chair of the Glen Ellyn Environmental Commission. Adam is also a proponent for the Sierra Club and for many years has advocated for our environment, which of course, includes the skies above.