2022 Native Landscaping Conference

The Foundation for Healthy Ecosystems: Healthy Living Soil

Above and below, it’s all related. The life below ground supports the beauty above.

Saturday November 12, 2022

8:15 AM – 12:30 PM


Round Lake Beach Cultural and Civic Center

 2007 North Civic Center Way

Round Lake Beach, IL.


The Lake to Prairie Chapter of Wild Ones is proud to present our 2022 Native Landscaping Conference, The Foundation for Healthy Ecosystems: Healthy Living Soil. This year we will learn more about the “below ground system” and its capacity to support productive ecosystems. All plants interact with animals, fungi and other plants in diverse ways. After learning about the soil, we will go above ground and learn how the prairie and our own gardens are impacted by soil health.

Landscaping with natives is the goal of the Wild Ones organization. The Lake to Prairie chapter presents a native landscaping conference annually. Our chapter’s mission is to educate, which we do with monthly meetings at Fremont Public Library, covering a wide range of natural landscaping and environmental education topics. Bringing educators together in one place at this conference will provide a wealth of information for people new to the native plant idea as well as the practiced native gardener.

So please join us this year as we learn why soil is an integral part of a healthy ecosystem. Through native landscaping, we can build a healthier environment and support the web of life in our own backyards.


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