How to Convert Lawn to Wildflower Meadow From Seed

Have you been looking to make a more sustainable change to your landscape? Meadows are beautiful dynamic habitats with rich populations of plants, beneficial insects and other vital creatures. Unfortunately, they have been reduced substantially in the last 50 years. Turning over just some of our monoculture lawns or other cultivated areas to meadow can offer year-round forage and habitat for wildlife, improve soil, save water and sequester carbon. Learn how to convert areas of your lawn to a native wildflower meadow from seed in this program with Community Ecologist, Sarah Michehl.


About Our Speaker

Sarah Michehl is the Community Ecologist with The Land Conservancy of McHenry County. She has spent 20+ years working in the environmental arena as an educator. Through her current role, she’s had the opportunity to consult on hundreds of private and municipal properties while working with people to use native plants in a way that offers beauty and function.